The Era of Single-Use Plastics is Over – End of Life Plastics Now Have an Afterlife

ONTARIO, CANADA, October 20, 2022 / — Plastonix Inc., a global plastics repurposing company, launches today with a revolutionary new technology to solve the world’s plastic waste crisis. Canadian-developed and owned, Plastonix has developed methods, systems, apparatuses, and proprietary chemical agents that address many of the systemic barriers that have historically inhibited the recovery of discarded plastic – including hard-to-recycle varieties.

The Plastonix system is energy efficient, simple, inexpensive, and generates very low carbon emissions. It uses an organic, non-toxic chemical – a green chemical – in its processes. This unique, tested, and proven plastic repurposing system fuses all types of plastics together – recyclable and non-recyclable alike – into a fused intermediate product which can then be converted to processable chips or powdered material.

This can be further repurposed as a filler or parallel material for virgin plastic resins or converted to a composite material, paving material, or construction units such as block paving stones, tile beams, sheets, or boards. The Plastonix technology uses an infusion process that, depending on the situation, may not require any sorting, cleaning, or recycling.

The patent-pending Plastonix technology can process all types of “petroleum-derived material”. Petroleum-derived material refers to a material derived from petroleum as it is processed in oil refineries. The Plastonix system can be designed to process more than one type of petroleum-derived material at one time. For example, at least two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or ten types of petroleum-derived materials can be combined at the same time. Petroleum-derived materials include materials naturally occurring in petroleum such as paraffin wax and materials synthetically derived from petrochemicals. Plastonix can also process all manner of contaminant levels, forms, and/or material blends. For example, Plastonix can process asphalt shingles, styrofoam, single-use plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, plastics reinforced with a filler, plastics combined with an additive such as a flame retardant, elastomer, neoprene, rubber, automotive components, and so much more. Materials may be sorted or unsorted, cleaned or not cleaned, and may be a mix of virgin plastic and waste plastic.

Many organizations, industries, or industrial processes currently discard some form of petroleum-derived material that has little deemed economical value. Using the unique and proprietary Plastonix technology, these organizations can reclaim and repurpose these discarded materials. Applications include off-cut scraps from industrial processes, discarded plastic from waste haulers, discarded plastic from material recycling facilities, clothing retailers and manufacturers with discarded nylon and polyester fabrics, and so much more.

About Plastonix Inc.
Plastonix is a global plastic repurposing company based in Toronto, Canada that works with organizations around the globe to find ways to solve the world’s plastic waste crisis. More specifically, it works collaboratively with institutions, industries, and other organizations to design custom-made solutions to lower expenses and/or create revenues by reclaiming and/or repurposing discarded petroleum-derived materials.

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