A World Without Plastic Waste

Welcome to Plastonix

Plastonix believes the world faces a significant plastic waste crisis and that present methods to recover plastic waste and other petroleum-derived materials have significant limitations. The world needs better ways to recover plastic waste. Invented in Canada, Plastonix has developed a patent pending technology that addresses many of the systemic barriers that have historically inhibited recovery of discarded plastic and other petroleum-derived material.


Businesses and other organizations around the globe are increasingly looking for better ways to recover plastic waste. Using its patent pending technology, Plastonix works with organizations on a fee-for-service basis in order to help them transition to a zero-waste plastic economy.
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Design Build

By making plastic waste recovery systems less costly and smaller, it creates an opportunity for organizations of all types to locate plastic processing capabilities onsite or somewhere else closer to the need. Using its patent pending technology, Plastonix works collaboratively with organizations in a cross-section of sectors to design and build plastic processing solutions to meet their plastic waste repurposing needs.
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The Plastonix technology is so disruptive that it provides an opportunity for the plastic waste recovery sector to reinvent itself with different business and financial models. In order to accelerate the rollout of its very flexible and scalable technology, Plastonix welcomes licensing inquiries from world-class organizations.
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